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The wonders of texture


Texture is a fabulous thing. A room can consist of barely a handful of hues, but if that room holds an eclectic mix of textures, it can create the most strikingly beautiful space.

Unlike other design elements, texture pulls materials into a new context, where a handful of individual, contrasting finishes can collectively transform the feel of a space completely.

 Here’s a cherry-picked selection of some of my favourites…


The brick wall in this space would perhaps be overlooked for a decaying, unfinished piece of construction if alone and passed in the street.

However here, surrounded by buttery-soft peach leather, smooth ceramic and faux fur, its’ chiselled texture and rose-like hue becomes a dominating focal point.


Whilst light and shade play a key role in creating this room’s moody atmosphere, it’s the artful combination of natural stone, painted canvas and sumptuous suede that boost its’ status of elegance and edginess, simultaneously.

2. eenigwonen

This captivating restaurant design focuses almost entirely on a single material, wood.

But with striking wooden ribbons creating rippling waves on the walls, glossy smooth wooden tables and ribbed wooden lighting – this material single-handedly creates a high-concept space like no other.


It’s the small details that count – the combination of this dimpled, metallic gleaming vase and powdery soft feathers looks divine, being both a glam and softly rustic centrepiece at the same time.

4. venoskamade

Filling a space with predominantly dark shades can easily veer into the world of drab and sombre, but not here.

The dominating charcoal walls and floor are offset by the softness of forest green velvet, the smoothness of marble and the rippling texture of rattan.

A space of both old-world charm and comforting luxe.


This space has such an eclectic mix of texture; it is incomparable in character to any other.

Elaborate plastering detail on the ceiling, curvaceous panelled wooden chairs, glossy, fan-like palms and luxe velvet create a rare gem of a look from all known eras.


This kitchen is a paired-down combo of natural materials that orchestrate a beautiful space – matte charcoal cabinetry, glossy veined marble, grainy wooden flooring and gleaming copper make for minimalist elegance.


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