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Retail design insight: Ted Baker

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Despite having an emotional addiction to shopping (as many of us women have), such a feeling for the act itself is every now and then upstaged, by an overwhelming sense of inspiration when I step into a retail space that excites me.

One such store with which I’m just as equally content in admiring the interior design as I am departing with a new outfit is Ted Baker.

A beloved, British fashion favourite for the past two decades, the label is now synonymous with high-street luxury across the globe.

It’s visual essence to me conjures up notions of the vivid yet understated, the flattering and edgy. Muted versions of vibrant hues, feminine prints in natural motives, soft textures; luxurious finishes.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 18.10.06

It’s evident that these traits are deeply rooted within the fashion house as they are echoed throughout the design of their stores – an admirable reflection of a strong brand identity.

Stepping inside gives you an instant feeling of recognition of what is so loved about TB and the elated feeling that women (and, perhaps even the men) get from wearing the label.

Embossed, damask-print walls in rich aubergine line the entrance.

Aubergine damask wallpaper

Hints of sharp, zingy acid green catch your eye this way and that.

Plush, velvet curtains reveal the change rooms.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 17.06.30

Quirky, conical, shapes present themselves in coloured glass lamps and table leg details, while vivid wallpapers reflect scenes reminiscent of far-away, enchanted lands.



Particular details have been intelligently considered, along with the significance that they hold to the brand.

Aesthetically-unconventional mannequins in vivid violet and tangerine reflect both the diversity of the Ted Baker-wearing woman and the individualism she portrays.

Quirky, whimsical features of each interior hint at the distinct, British sense of humour.

Likewise, attention to detail in the fashion is an equally strong reflection of its quality and uniqueness, from the luxurious printed silk lining of a coat to the sharply structured metallic clasp of a clutch.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 18.03.33

A timeless fashion label knows its market well; along with the important role that emotion plays in the relationship between the two.

Being able to create a holistic feeling of emotional recognition in both the fashion and retail design is crucial. A clear sign, to me, that Ted Baker will hold a strong place in British fashion for decades to come.

Images via Flickr and courtesy of Megandavid, (Williams), Robert Stockdill, plhu & Victoria Billham


December 23, 2014 - 9:19 am

Ana Stanic - Hi is it possible to order a sample of this curtain velvet material above on the photo?
Thank you

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