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Moroccan design & architecture

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Though I’ve since had the luxury of traveling to many off-the-beaten-track destinations, Morocco will always hold a special significance in my memory.

It was here that I was first truly taken out my comfort zone, beyond the western familiarity of another European city or the blissful serenity of another tropical island.

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Scents of aromatic spices, pungent tanneries and incense. Glimpses of dusty souks and lantern-lined market squares. Tastes of the sweet, rich cuisine.

My Moroccan experience was a sensory overload, yet the most captivating element of it all for me was the stunning Moroccan architecture and design.

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Within every space I entered, intricate detail, vibrant patterns and striking arched forms had me gazing longingly into my surroundings.

 There is something so beautiful and full of life about this distinct North African design, with its rich Spanish and Moorish influences.

Every element works in harmony with the ever-present sunshine – carved wooden doors allow light to pour through its elaborate patterns; jewel coloured tiles form neat geometry, popping brilliantly against the sun.

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Urban Outfitters

The Moroccan courtyard is a soothing, idyllic space that combines the comfort and lavish style of the interior, with the most blissful parts of the outside climate.

Elaborate tiling not only looks stunning, but makes for the ideal, cooling material to dwell in with the temperatures soars.

Water features bring tranquillity to the space, while vivid green palms allow nature to remain close.


8 CatherineNicole

It was a dream to be amongst the vibrant fusion of colours in Morocco, but there is also a sophisticated and understated quality to the more neutral palettes. Black and white alone can create a dramatically beautiful space, as the pattern forms the sole focus.

An earthy palette and a strong mix of textures allow the look to be more timeless, and perhaps more adaptable to destinations without the blissful, year-round sunshine.



 Oh Morocco, I may not be able to bring your scorching temperatures back to London, but I can bring a hint of distinct design beauty to my own space.


Imagery courtesy of Bloglovin / Feefeern / Flickr / Society6 / UO / One Kin Design / Catherine Nicole / Maison Belle / Career Girl Daily

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