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Graphic glory: Kirath Ghundoo


More often than not, the expectation upon choosing wallpaper is to select a roll of one repeating print or another, purchased in large swathes to be plastered to an entire room or a single wall. Despite the mind-boggling variations in designs, prints and textures on the market, repetition of pattern seems to be a given.

Kirath Ghundoo, however, has bent the rules of predictability with her collections of graphically catchy, geometric designs. She uses a range of mixed media including digital CAD, hand drawing and silk screen printing which perhaps offers her work the freedom to be adapted to varying mediums, formats and uses.



She can count everything from iPhone cover designs to wallpaper sections and A2 prints as part of her repertoire as a multi-faceted artist. Perhaps it is the lack of pattern in each of her pieces that allows us to treat her work as more artistic murals than wallpaper. Despite the element of randomness, there remains a strong consistency of tone, colour and form in each of her designs. Collaborating with Paul Smith on their S/S ’11 collection, she cleverly created a selection of wallpaper lengths for one of their boutiques, inspired by the collection itself.




Drawing inspiration from fashion, architecture and geometry; the forms characterised in many of Kirath’s designs lend off a faint urban feel. It therefore comes as no surprise to me that she has worked with retail stores Paper Scissor Stone and Urban Outfitters.

I suspect, for liberal use of Ghundoo’s designs in the home, one would probably be a neutral-phobe and a Karim Rashid enthusiast; teaming Ghundoo’s graphic prints with equally playful candy-hued Perspex pieces. Within particular retail spaces, cafes or bars however, her work would amplify a suitably potent visual statement alongside equally eclectic store contents or furniture.

Images courtesy of Kirath Ghundoo

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