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Fish Leather: The unconventional take on a classic material

Leather has been rejoiced as the tactile, tough-wearing material of choice in fashion and interiors for decades. The combination of its’ durability and luxe-appeal has seen it hailed as a timeless, classic material by Designers globally. Whilst leather from cowhide has been the biggest source, followed by the more exotic snake and ostrich leathers, fish […]

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Retail design insight: Ted Baker

Despite having an emotional addiction to shopping (as many of us women have), such a feeling for the act itself is every now and then upstaged, by an overwhelming sense of inspiration when I step into a retail space that excites me. One such store with which I’m just as equally content in admiring the […]

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Nordic Naturalism

We all recognise that unwelcome ‘lull’ that often overwhelms us mid-winter. The crisp, golden autumnal leaves long ago withered and the sky suffocated in a blanket of endless grey. As our bodies slowly creep into an ever-long hibernation mode, the thoughts of wrapping ourselves in buttery soft layers of fabric and enjoying the warm comforts of […]

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Combined forces: Sonia Rykiel and Lelievre

The more frequently we see Fashion Designers crossing different fields of design and treading into the realms of Interior Design and home collections do I find myself appreciating those treads they have made. One such fairly recent collaboration coinciding with this year’s Design Week was that of Parisian-born fashion icon Sonia Rykiel with renowned French fabric house […]

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