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Surface Design Show 2017

Surface Design Show

It’s that fabulous time of the year again when we start to celebrate all things architecture and interior design; our diaries filling up with the trade shows, festivals and events that roll out over the next couple of months.

Earlier this month was the Surface Design Show – being a magnet to innovative texture, surface design and materials, I truly look forward to it every year.


Here’s my selection of favourites from this years’ show:

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Skuare 79

Anyone who has been reading my blog long enough will know about my love affair with metallics – they never fail to add the right level of elegance to an otherwise neutral palette.

Skuare 79 are a Portuguese ceramics company who master the balance of modern texture with gleaming metals in their beautiful tiles.

Surface Design Show 2017 - Skuare 79 Venus tile, black

Surface Design Show 2017 - Skuare 79 Mars tile, goldFor their Venus range, they infuse neutral, polished ceramic in shades of black, taupe and grey with aluminium, creating a glistening, metal effect that appears strikingly unique on each tile.

Surface Design Show 2017 - Skuare 79 Moon tile, silver

Surface Design Show 2017 - Skuare 79 Venus tile, cream

Explore Skuare 79 here >>

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While polished concrete is beautiful and extremely popular in many commercial spaces, there are a handful of downsides to the material in the home – it is hefty in weight, it does not retain heat well and the installation process is particularly fiddly.

Surface Design Show 2017 - Concreate pale grey tile

Concreate produces an innovative product that combines the benefits of wooden flooring with the appearance of concrete.

Their patented panels consist of a dense base of magnesium oxide cement, a centre of engineered oak and finished with a layer of micro fibre concrete on top.

Surface Design Show 2017 - Concreate dark grey tile

Surface Design Show 2017 - Concreate mocha tile

Surface Design Show 2017 - Concreate grey texture tile

The unusual composition provides comfortable levels of heat and sound insulation and the mineral qualities make the panels environmentally sustainable.

A much smarter option for the appearance of polished concrete in the home.

More from Concreate here >>

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Reliance Veneer

While I’m almost always a fan of solid wood over the veneers and laminates on the market, sometimes an alternative surprises and wins me over.

Reliance Veneer produces engineered veneer sheets in beautiful, unusual finishes that could almost be mistaken for wood-effect wallpaper.

Surface Design Show 2017 - Reliance Smoked Veneer

Their manufacturing processes of smoking, fuming and dying the veneer create a surface that combines an authentic wood grain with a beautiful, almost metallic sheen.

Surface Design Show 2017 - Reliance Ash Veneer

Explore Reliance Veneer here >>

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AE Core

Italian firm AE Core are another company that proves looks can be deceiving.

Surface Design Show 2017 - AE Core textures

Their range of beautiful laminates come in countless finishes, from the traditional to metal and mirrored effects – providing a practical alternative to heavy and sometimes costly metal cladding.

Surface Design Show 2017 - AE Core Ice range 1

Their matte metallic range is particularly beautiful and would add elegant detailing to bespoke doors and furniture.

Surface Design Show 2017 - AE Core Ice range 2

Explore AE Core here >>

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Imagery courtesy of Us 3 Campaign / Skuare 79 / Concreate / Reliance Veneer / AE Core

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