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Predella House: Art for the culturally curious


The fields of interior design and art can sometimes, unfortunately, be misjudged and labelled as prestigious, exclusive and unapproachable. Industries where only an elite clientele are both interested and able to afford their products and services.

Predella House, a new business set up in 2015, brings a fresh perspective to challenge such an outlook.

Working with designers and individual clients, they are an online art destination with a catalogue of cherry-picked pieces on offer, for consumers looking to incorporate art into their designs or their own home.

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More importantly, their aim is to make art accessible for all, not just an elite few.

Katrina Aleksa, founder and owner of Predella House, has naturally visited many an art gallery in her lifetime. She has observed the behaviour of fellow visitors and was struck by what she saw – the mannerisms of many reflected an air of discomfort.

People felt they had to adhere to certain etiquette in a gallery, which in turn gave the impression of a stuffy, unapproachable space.


 Predella House is not only an emporium accessible to all because it’s online, its collection of pieces cover a broad price range – upwards of just a few hundred pounds.

 Their team are on hand to guide, advise and inspire as and when required by their clients, making art buying a generally smooth, straightforward and pleasant experience – as it should be.



Not only does Katrina’s business offer products and a service to art enthusiasts and designers, Predella House serves as a platform that supports and nurtures young artists, helping to promote their work.


There’s no denying that Predella House is a unique business that very much fills a gap in the market for accessible, affordable art.

It’s a pioneering approach that very much aligns art with the 21st century, a step forward for the future of the art world.

Imagery all courtesy Predella House. Artist references: Dale Grant /  Elena Colonje / Sara Pope

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