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Object of Obsession: Great Barrier coral sculpture

John Richards coral sculpture from Lux Deco

Coral is certainly having a moment, isn’t it?

Pieces of the white, textural natural beauty are popping up everywhere from the luxe end of the spectrum at Kelly Hoppen, to the High Street at Zara Home.

As a lover of mixing textures, especially of varying neutrals, I have fallen for its purity, roughness and detail. But, like many of us, if we’re honest enough, I have a slight reluctance at loving what’s trend-hot.

Who doesn’t want to be original after all?


It’s with this that I set out to find a coral sculpture that was both beautiful and abstract.

Something that didn’t look too reproduced and therefore plonked into every living space, yet something still resembling all I love about this oceanic beauty.

And here is what I have found – this stunning “Great Barrier” piece by US décor team John Richards.

John Richards coral sculpture from Lux Deco

It’s a refreshing contrast to the wispy, finger-like coral strands often seen – a more solid looking piece that both catches the eye, yet remains simplistic.

The reproduced coral nest sits atop a gleaming crystal base with a polished nickel stand.

Beautiful isn’t it?!

John Richards coral sculpture from Lux Deco

The Great Barrier coral sculpture is available to order through LuxDeco here >

My order is pending and I’m about to undertake some dramatic living room updates… involving painting half my walls a rich charcoal. Watch this space for my own styling of this lovely piece!

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