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Material Desire: Petrified wood

West Elm petrified wood cheeseboard

From crystals to marble, I always find myself drawn to natural materials.

Perhaps it’s to do with the process of letting go, allowing mother nature to take charge and work its magic in creating something unique and beautiful over time that simply can’t be replicated.

Perhaps it’s subconscious… aligning with a time when our vulnerable natural environment needs nurturing more than ever.

Either way, my current Material Desire is another natural beauty – petrified wood.

Polyvore petrified wood side table

This unique material evolves when wood, usually from forest trees, falls and is covered by mineral-rich soils for thousands of years.

The wood is preserved because of the lack of oxygen, but the rich minerals fossilise it over time – allowing the colours, textures and patterns to form slowly and organically.

Erocks petrified wood slab

In typical style, I’ve fallen for a material that is not the easiest to find over this side of the world – though not impossible!

Although it often originates in exotic destinations like Indonesia and Madagascar, there is good news for any of you who share my lust.

Many sources, from fossil specialists to furniture and décor companies, sell petrified wood in countless forms – from slabs, to sculptures and coasters.

West Elm petrified wood coasters

What do you think – are you in love with this natural beauty as much as I am?

In my next blog piece, I’ve cherry picked my favourite petrified wood pieces – and show you how to incorporate this gorgeous material into your home.

Pop back next week for all my tips!

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Imagery courtesy of West Elm / Polyvore / E-rocks / Terrain

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