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A few of my favourite things…


Whilst the inevitable waves of interior design trends make themselves present to us time and time again wherever we look, we all have our personal selection of favourite design elements that, despite no longer being shown at the design shows, sprawled across design magazines nor on display in stores, we will always be drawn back to with an ever-long admiration and new-found inspiration.

 Hera are a few of my favourite things that I have grown a long-term love for. A list that will most likely be continually added to as a regular feature on the blog:



As with the hybrid nature of most muted hues, coral is the beautiful, perfect balance of zingy, sharp orange and sugar-sweet pink – the ultimate summery shade from the warm colour spectrum that is both more sophisticated and more versatile than its singular colour counterparts.

I’m loving a hint of warm coral amongst an otherwise stark and moody palette of charcoal, white and dove grey, or amongst a Riviera style palate of crisp white with sky and navy blues.

1. Pinterest




 I’ve always had a thing for metallics, particularly when used sparingly and combined with contrasting materials of similar tone. Copper’s beautiful rose-gold hue is certainly warmer than silver and softer than gold-toned brass.

A hint of metallic copper plays on both the glam and the industrial with its shiny, mirror-like finish and tough, tactile properties. As someone who adores eclecticism through texture and contrast, copper has a magical tendency to both stand out and bring a space together.

2. Copper-real-good-chair-by-blu-dot

1 - Copper table by Joseph Dirand

3. Bravo_Patagonian_wood_and_copper_vessels

Vivid, fairytale-like prints by Kristjana S Williams

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristjana at Tent London a couple of years ago, when, as wandering the stark concrete exhibition space in Brick Lane, a wall of stunning colours and fantasy-like motives caught my eye. “Wow”, was the first word to come to mind as her stunning designs drew me in.

It was no surprise, since I’ve always had a love of spaces that, in one way or another, enable you to escape to a surreal world perhaps present only in our dreams. Sketch London is a fine example of this; a space that stimulates escapism to wonderland through its’ eclectic style and quirky compositions.

 Kristjana combines black and white illustration with pops of colour to create fantasy-like, nature-based scenes from enchanted gardens to exotic birds and animals. Her work covers a rich timeline of history, where Victorian-style elements juxtapose against modern motives. She prints her work on varying materials from canvas to cushions and silk scarves, each piece made with such a degree of intricacy, I become lost in the vividness and stunning detail of it all.

1. stag cushion


4. Skull print

Image references:

Coral: Coral front door, image from Pinterest  / Coral chairs on blue, image from Pinterest / Coral chair on grey, image from Pinterest

Copper: Copper coffee table by Joseph Dirand Architecture / Copper chair by Blu Dot / Copper and wood vessels by Bravo 

Kristjana S Williams prints: All pieces by Kristjana S Williams 

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