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Decorex 2010: Interior Trends seminar with Scarlet Opus


An apparent not-to-be-missed event pencilled into everyone’s agenda’s at this years’ Decorex (if the large crowds spilling out of the cosy seminar room were anything to go by); was the ”Interior Trends” seminar by trend forecasters Scarlet Opus. A company, and concept, unheard of to me prior to the seminar, I was overcome with curiosity and a mild fascination into the workings of such a field.

The stimulating talk was held by two leading Scarlet Opus representatives, who engaged us, firstly, with an introduction into how trend forecasters make their predictions and how trends emerge, how they are reinforced and how trends then shift direction. We lucky crowd were then given a sneak peek into upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2010/11 as well those for Autumn/Winter 2011/12.

What captivated me about the ins and outs of trend forecasting as I soon discovered was the vast wealth of differing factors in our world that are used by such firms as S.O to deliver their results. Socio-economic, political, social and environmental issues in the existing climate are all factors that are observed and considered; an initial bubble of scattered information that is then funnelled into groups with common denominators to indicate where things are emerging in these subjects and the subsequent impact this will have on the trends of design, architecture, fashion and art.

A snapshot at 3 top trends for Spring/Summer 2010/2011…

“Happy Ever After”

Characterised by feelings of escapism and intrigue, the “Happy Ever After” trend plays on notions of child-like fantasies; a soft and sweet portrayal that draws us back to the heart of nostalgia, yet maintains a modern, current feel. Exaggerations of scale, pieces or products that have a hand-crafted feel and precious finishes of pearl and bone are all present. A hazy, pastel palette of soft apricots, dusty pinks and antique creams instil a notion of reminiscence; a muted palette that portrays “memories of once colours”.

midsummernights3tracykendallTracy Kendall sequin wallpaper


“Dark Metropolis”

In stark contrast to “Happy Ever After”, our leading forecasters have their sights on a strong “Dark Metropolis” trend emerging. A deeper side of surrealism with a slightly erotic S&M twist, “Dark Metropolis” draws on the wicked, the naughty and the villainous.  A smoggy palette of murky greys, tar black and burnished metallics are all present in the forms of distressed leathers, sharp, prism-like glass, melted, moulded acrylic and textiles that drape and sprawl out as if to have a mind of their own.

Brand Van Egmond Chandelier


Tord Boontje Witch Chair

“Chemical Reaction”

A third trend set to make a wave through the world of design this Spring/Summer according to SO is influenced by (but not limited to) environmental and climatic movements and events occurring in 2011. “Chemical Reaction” sees an importance given to pieces or products having a human touch or connection. An evolution of “smart buildings” will see elements of design and architecture that are more easily adaptable to channelling light, water and energy. Structural forms will adapt cell-like, muscular or webbed characteristics against a natural palette of nudes, corals, chemical pastels and white. Finishes will take the “human touch” to a literal scale with hair and leather tiles set to emerge on the market.


Marcel Wanders knotted chair

Marcel Wanders Egg Vase

Images courtesy of Marcel Wanders, Tracy Kendall and Tord Boontje

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