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The wonders of texture

Texture is a fabulous thing. A room can consist of barely a handful of hues, but if that room holds an eclectic mix of textures, it can create the most strikingly beautiful space. Unlike other design elements, texture pulls materials into a new context, where a handful of individual, contrasting finishes can collectively transform the […]

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A tropical garden in the UK… surely a sign of madness?

There’s something so very captivating about tropical parts of the world; from the beaming, warm, year-round sunshine to the lush greenery that fills the land. I’ve always felt a real sense of ‘paradise’ when standing amongst a canopy of vivid green palms, and when winter starts to set in in London, it’s places like these […]

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Handmade at Kew

I found myself in a rather self-indulgent position a few weeks ago, when I caught note that Handmade in Kew was running that weekend. With the thrill of having my very own charming Victorian flat still buoyant, I looked greatly forward to attending a crafts fair… purely with the intention of sourcing beautiful, hand-crafted, striking […]

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Australian design & architecture: a preview

Although London has been my city of residence for almost a decade now, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being back home in Sydney. As relaxed and rejuvenated feelings overwhelm me, I embrace the warm sun on my skin, the salty sea air and the soft grainy sand between my toes.  Perhaps what I […]

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Verden: gorgeous wine in golden light

Whenever there’s a deliberation with a friend of mine on where to head for a drink and catch up, he’s always quick to hint at Clapton… not because of the obvious flourishing of new openings over the past year, but purely because it’s his local hood. Being a Hackney resident, I’m never too fussed if […]

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