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6 ways to make your bathroom more luxurious

Isn’t it lovely walking into a hotel bathroom?

There’s always an air of luxury with the highly polished surfaces, flattering lighting and accessories that make it beautiful enough to linger in.

There are many simple ways you can re-create that luxe feeling in your own bathroom at home.

Here are my top tips:

– – –

F L O R A L S   &   G R E E N E R Y 

Many of us know a plant serves so many benefits to a space, from improving the air we breathe to aiding our sense of calm.

Adding a touch of greenery can really lift a space, especially if your bathroom is quite dark (colour or lighting-wise), or neutral in finishes.

Succulents are not only low maintenance, they are neat little plants that stay contained within their space and won’t grow unruly like some leafier varieties.

For florals, nothing is more elegant than orchids or calla lilies.

Go white for something clean and pure, or fuchsia for a pop of colour that’s not overwhelming.

If you have lots of shiny surfaces in your bathroom, plant them in matte pots that match your scheme for contrast. If most of your bathroom surfaces are matte, go for a gloss-finish pot.

– – –


This is the key word that we hear all the time if we want to enhance a space, and not without reason.

Adding some carefully chosen accessories can work wonders to create a holistic look and really add a sense of personality.

Coral is the bathroom accessory du jour and looks beautiful as a sculptural addition to bathroom shelving.

Vases are another favourite and they are so diverse in shape, colour and finish – there is a style out there perfect for enhancing any room.

A cluster of vases in varying sizes draws the eye in, or else go for symmetry – a row of 3 vases in the same size and shape.

Coloured or smoked glass vases bring contrast to the rest of the finishes in a bathroom, while a solid matte finish is more modern and understated.

– – –

B E S P O K E   T O I L E T R Y   B O T T L E S 

Buying luxury products with nice packaging will look beautiful, but for a really personalised look, make your own bespoke toiletry bottles.

They are an easy and cost-effective way to bring a bespoke style into your bathroom and they add to a polished, coherent look.

I show you how in an upcoming blog piece, so watch this space!

Similarly, pick some lovely glass jars and display bottles and decanter your not so-stylish bathroom essentials into them. They will immediately bring a sense of neatness and order to your space.

– – –


Spotlights are integral as functional bathroom lighting, but there is a way to introduce additional lighting that is both functional and a feature.

Replace a standard mirror or mirror cabinet with an illuminated LED mirror – the lighting is both flattering for the face and creates a sense of elegance and luxury.

– – –

G R O U T 

This one may require just a little more work, but changing the grout between your bathroom tiles will immediately enhance the look of your bathroom.

Go for something a bit different and re-grout in a metallic finish, like copper or gold – it’s an effective way to add a bit of luxe, but subtle enough to not be OTT.

– – –


Have you noticed that hotels always have a neat stack or roll of hand towels displayed by their basins?

This is a really simple way to add a bit of hotel luxury to a home bathroom.

If you follow this tip though, make sure your towels are top condition and consider coordination to the rest of your bathroom hues.

I hope you find these tips inspiring – let me know what you think in the comments below.

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