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5 ways to style with petrified wood

Sophie Paterson petrified wood decor

My last blog post introduced you to beautiful petrified wood – don’t you love it?

This natural beauty is appearing everywhere in home décor right now, making it easy to feature this fab material in your home.

Here are my 5 favourite ways to style petrified wood:

– – –

S C U L P T U R E 

Playing with height, texture and tone can help you create a beautifully styled console or coffee table.

One large petrified wood sculpture is a great focal point amongst a handful of smaller objects in contrasting materials, such as stone and brass.

1st Dibs petrified wood sculpture

Or, play with symmetry and style a cluster of 3 smaller petrified wood sculptures on a console table.

The texture and patterns in petrified wood are striking enough, so keep the rest of your accessories understated.

Symmetrical objects grouped together help create a concise and polished design.

Amadeus petrified wood decor

–  –  –

T A B L E 

Marble and brass pieces may still be having a moment, but mix up your furniture by adding a petrified wood side table to your living space.

Ethnic Chic petrified wood tables

Isn’t it a lovely thought to have a completely unique piece that no one else has?

A side table is small enough to not dominate the rest of your look, and there are hues in this material to compliment any neutral interior – from beige and caramel to deep greys.

The Lux Agency petrified wood tables

– – –

S L A B 

If your walls can hold the weight and you want to make a real statement, mount a large slab of petrified wood on a wall.

Petrified wood slab

You’ll rarely see textures that are this interesting in a piece of artwork.

Set on top of a neutral wallpaper for added impact.

Petrified wood slab

Side note…  this look must be super unique – I’ve struggled to find any images of a petrified wood slab on a wall!

You’ll just have to imagine these gorgeous pieces hanging and making a statement in your living space 🙂

Petrified wood slab

– – –

C O A S T E R S 

If you’re feeling a little less brave, coasters are a fabulous way to bring texture and contrast to your dining table.

West Elm petrified wood coasters

Use them conventionally to hold your chilled summer rosé, or dot them around your home as beautiful candle stands.

West Elm petrified wood coasters– – –


If you’re reinventing your bathroom, a petrified wood basin is a sure-fire way to make a statement and get your guests talking.

Signature Hardware petrified wood basin

The organically formed shapes mean each piece is a complete one-off.

The texture will add incredible contrast to more conventional bathroom finishes like tile, acrylic and glass.

Pinterest petrified wood basin

– – –

What do you think, have you been inspired to source a piece of this stunning material and style it in your home?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Imagery courtesy of:

Sophie Paterson (Cover) / 1st DibsSophie Paterson (Sculpture) / Ethnic Chic / The Lux Agency (Table)

Erocks (Slab) / West Elm (Coasters) / Signature Hardware / The Design Fox / (Basin)


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