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5 of the best: Statement ceiling lights

Have you ever walked into a restaurant bathroom and gasped at the unflattering, clinical lighting reflecting back at you?

Or been in a bar where all you’ve wanted is a nice drink and good conversation, but the space in anything but cosy?

Lighting is one of the most important considerations of a space and can really work wonders to transform the atmosphere.

Our homes are the one place we have the power to embrace lighting, using it to evoke the feelings we want to from our various spaces.

But while function is number one, a beautiful statement light can be the focal point of a space.

Through style, texture and colour, a beautiful piece can either draw the eye or add the right level of balance to an understated design.

With so many stunning pieces available, this was a tough one – but I’ve selected 5 of my favourite statement ceiling lights.

I hope you like the selection!

– – – 

W E S T   E L M   C A P I Z   C H A N D E L I E R

I don’t know about you, but I have this thing with shells in the home – they have a beautiful texture and sheen that are contrasting and subtle at the same time.

West Elm Capiz Chandelier

Perhaps that’s why I’m in love with this beautiful chandelier from West Elm – the fragile Capiz shell pieces form a gorgeous cascading effect and the finish catches the light of the bulbs, giving off the loveliest shimmer.

West Elm Capiz Chandelier

The rectangle shape of this light would work beautifully as a centrepiece over a long dining table, with some plush velvet dining chairs.

Available from West Elm here >

– – –

T O M   D I X O N   P L A N E   C H A N D E L I E R 

This gorgeous light from Tom Dixon conjures up Art Deco and all its glamour.

Tom Dixon Plane Chandelier

The fluid, sculptural shape and elegant frosted bulbs add the right level of drama.

But don’t be fooled; the size of this piece alone makes it a showstopper – it’s over a metre in diameter!

If you have the living room space, this one would love equally gorgeous amongst neutral finishes as it would with a dark palette and other brass accents.

Available from Heals here >

– – – 

M I N E H E A R T   B L A C K   F E A T H E R   P E N D A N T 

A tad smaller but no less dramatic, this black feather pendant from Mineheart is a statement in texture and tone.

Mineheart black feather pendant light

Made of beautiful ostrich feathers that evoke a softness and cosiness, the stark black adds contrast and a hint of scandi-cool.

This beauty will make a statement in a cosy corner above an armchair.

Mineheart black feather pendant light

Keep the rest of the space monochrome or neutral for maximum effect.

Available from Mineheart here >

– – – 

L A U R A   A S H L E Y   A S H W I N  S P U T N I K   P E N D A N T 

The ultimate nod to mid-century modern style, this Sputnik pendant is a surefire statement for the centre of a living room.

Laura Ashley Ashwin brass Sputnik chandelier

The urchin style arms are a beautiful brushed brass finish and between the bulbs are miniature glass baubles for added glam.

This piece will brilliantly illuminate your space – the maximalist design features 16 bulbs!

Available from Laura Ashley here >

– – –

G R A H A M   &   G R E E N   M A N O R   C H A N D E L I E R

This beaded chandelier is a subtle, elegant statement piece without being too over the top.

Graham & Green Manor tiered chandelier

Made of hundreds of intricate glass beads, the light gives off a beautiful silver shimmer when off and a gorgeous glow when on.

Graham & Green Manor Tiered Chandelier

The three cascading, tiered cylinders add a depth that would look equally gorgeous over a round dining table or in a bedroom.

Available from Graham & Green here >

– – – 

What do you think, which is your favourite statement piece? Let me know in the comments below!

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