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2017 interior trends with Elle Decoration

Last Thursday, one of the most beautiful stores in London, Anthropologie, held an event with one of the UK’s most renowned design magazines, Elle Decoration.

Oh, and it was presented by one of the most acclaimed interiors journalists and bloggers, Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About The House. Does it get much better?!

They gave us all a scoop into the top interiors trends of this year.

I must say, as much as I easily get excited and inspired with what’s new, beautiful and everywhere at any given moment; I’ve always erred on the side of caution a little with trends.

Because let’s face it, how many of us have enough disposable income to be overhauling our living spaces as often as trends come and go?

Kate gave sound advice though on how to incorporate trends into our existing homes – it’s about “adapting with simple changes frequently” she says, and adding to what we already have.

So, instead of throwing away your entire crockery collection because glazed plates are suddenly more fashionable than plain porcelain, adding a just a few new pieces to the mix will not only refresh the look, but make for a more personalised look too.

So, now onto the trends themselves…

– – –

P L A S T E R   P I N K 

Pink has been presenting itself in our homes for quite some time now, but now the softness and femininity is being given a tougher and more muted makeover.

It’s pink with a dash of grey – making it less sweet and pretty; more sophisticated, more neutral and therefore more adaptable to our decor schemes.

Add some plaster pink cushions to an existing space; it works with both other warm tones and cool blues and greys alike.

Or, take a strip of plaster pink-hued linen, drape it over the centre of a table as a table runner and add crisp white accessories for a clean, Spring look.

– – –


A natural hue to make its way into our lives come Spring, the popularity of green surged once Pantone revealed it as their colour of the year for 2017.

For me though, I’ve always had a love affair with green – it’s a colour that works with my colouring (red hair, fair skin, green eyes), and it’s just so soothing amongst neutral décor.

This season, we’re seeing olive green or rich, foresty greens coming into our interiors more – subdued and fresh, but not as zingy as the yellow-green offered by Pantone.

A handful of glass vases and ornaments in a muted olive hue are a simple and effective way to introduce this beautiful colour into your home.

– – –

M I X I N G   M E T A L S  

I must admit, hearing this fills me with relief.

How many of us got caught on the copper bandwagon, filled our homes with copper details here and there.. only to now be left wondering, as brass quickly begins to upstage our pretty, pink-hued metal of choice?

I have been umming and ahhing as I slowly redesign my bedroom… staring uncertainly at the glistening copper lamps, then at the polished brass handles that went onto my up-cycled cabinet last week.

That’s right, it’s been officially declared by Elle Decoration and fellow bloggers – mixing our metals is not only acceptable, but a welcome change to our mono-metallic palettes.

We’re steering away from matchy-matchy and introducing a more carefully considered, eclectic look.

Moderation is key with this one though, and personally would stick to only a couple of mixes in the same space.

– – –

C O N T E M P O R A R Y    C R A F T 

The clean, minimal look will always be around, but originality and uniqueness will always be valued.

Beautiful, hand-crafted décor (or even, pieces that look hand-made), are a brilliant way to create a completely individualised space that feels homely and full of character.

I love little more than scouring a good market over the weekend, meeting independent designers and finding beautiful, one-off pieces.

And on the high street, who does the artisan look better than Anthropologie?

For online shopping, Etsy are my go-to destination for hand-crafted one-offs.


So there you have it, a snapshot of some of what will be hot this year – a privileged peak before you spot it all in the stores.

What do you think, do you follow trends and have you taken a liking to any of these? Let me know in the comments below.

 – – –

Imagery courtesy of Mad About The House / Murals Wallpaper / Conrad Shop / Wild & GrizzlyKararosenlund /House & Garden / Trouva / Couch / West Elm / Ian Thompson Interiors / Etsy / Anthropologie



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