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A few of my favourite things #2

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Here’s to another bite-sized post on the next edition of my favourite things, 3 elements of design that have inspired and excited me recently:


House of Hackney

House of Hackney caught my eye a while back; its dark, dramatic exterior standing out on the strip of Shoreditch High Street mostly resided by bars and their accompanying, inebriated 20-somethings.

Stepping inside, I feel like I’m transported to a more cutting-edge version of retro, 1940’s Beverly Hills, where the classic ‘Martinique’ palm print was born. The clash of busy, tropical prints gets me excited for two reasons – 1: I love such prints, especially those that remind me of summer, and 2: I can’t compare such a place to anywhere else in East London.


House of Hackney to me is more like the ‘House of Fun, Gorgeous Treasures’ – everything from homewares (cushions, ceramics, wallpaper) to furniture and high-end clothing. A distinctive theme of busyness runs through their selection of prints, most of which are inspired by natural motives from palms to florals and subtle animal prints.

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Every Londoner knows just how vast the transformation of Hackney has been over the last 10 years or so, from rundown and crime-ridden to a haven of creative expression and pioneering trends. Rewind further back to centuries ago, and it was brimming with industrial establishments and artisan craftsman.

House of Hackney aims to bring that element of ‘heritage’ back to the forefront, with a focus on keeping resources and manufacturing local. The brand fills that unique niche of applying traditional techniques to create vibrant and modern pieces.

With everything in the store full of character and personality, the hardest part is wearing the moderation cap. Choosing just a select few pieces to create that balanced, eclectic look… without the risk of the home resembling a circus that’s gate-crashed a garden party.


Images courtesy of House of HackneyCatesthill & Liberty 


Turquoise + gold ceramic hanging planters

A garden-featured flat in London can be a rarity, and when one does is blessed with green space at home, it’s often more ‘concrete courtyard with shoebox-sized allotment’ than a generous plot of soft, green grass to sprawl out on, come sunshine.

 In a city where the short lifespan of spring comes with brighter days and moods, embracing the beauty of nature to its full gives a welcome boost to our general wellbeing.

Natural flora inside the home not only adds a vibrant burst of brilliant green to the space, it purifies the air we breathe, psychologically enhances our happiness and reduces stress and anxiety. With the buzzing, frantic pace in which many of us live our lives, our homes should be our sanctuary to escape from it all.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 22.15.15

It was love at first sight for me when I came across these gorgeous, mini ceramic hanging planters on Etsy. Hand-made by Texan-based Designer PotteryLodge, they’re an ingenious way of bringing a hint of nature into a living space, without cluttering up the room we have.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 22.28.30


Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 22.28.03

Perhaps a theme can be spotted here in my love of metallics. The bright aqua hue reminds me of the cool azure sea I fell in love with in Sardinia, while the little gold dimples glisten as they catch the sun inside. My favourite plants to use are a variety of Succulents – tropical in appearance, vibrant in colour and super low on maintenance. Hang them in a row of three on a diagonal, against a stark white wall for full impact.

 All images courtesy of Etsy


Velvet armchairs 

Whilst velvet was once the heavy, laborious fabric of choice draped across the windows of palaces in centuries past, it’s used as a mere hint in interiors today, whether encasing cushions or upholstered over a sofa.

 A velvet chair not only breaks up an otherwise block-like, structural seating arrangement of a space, it’s plushness and soft-to-touch feel is heaven to cosily slouch into.

 Whether featured in a deep inky blue, a neutral mocha or a vivid teal, it softens a space and brings a sometimes much needed element of homeliness amongst more solid materials and sharp lines.

jewel chair

chartreuse chair

blue chair

My favourite – a retro 60’s style piece with a hint of character in either its shape or structural detail. A chair that brings a hint of antiquity as a statement piece to an otherwise modern and minimal home.

Images courtesy of Oliver BonasArchiproducts & Zinc Door

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