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7 beautiful rooms part III


 Here is another series of 7 gorgeous spaces to both get lost in and to find inspiration within… because who doesn’t like dreamily wishing they were amongst these  interiors?


The space above collates thoughts of sophistication with a touch of hedonism.

There’s something really striking about the various metallic accents that play on geometry, from the chair legs to the chandelier and the metallic, mesh-like curtains.

The charcoal upholstery adds drama, while the hint of pink in the artwork softens the generally stark look.

The sophisticated space is toughened just enough with the graffiti-style lines scrawled on the wall’s artwork.


This space carries me to the 60’s, but to all things tasteful in the way of style during the decade.

An otherwise neutral taupe on the wall becomes warm and complimentary to the tan leather in a similar tone.

The mink throw draws comfort to the space amongst the solid, structured leathers.

The warm, earthy hues are balanced with a smattering of turquoise on the floor, while the playful, retro-style spherical forms are a consistent theme throughout.


While we’re not all blessed to live in a space with ceilings reminiscent of a Grade II listed gallery, one can dream.

Here, the intricate detailing of the ceiling is juxtaposed with modern pieces and high-gloss finishes.

The vast ceiling heights and disproportionately tall doors allude to a grandiose, rather extraordinary living space.


There are many reasons this room shouldn’t work as far as the eclectic goes – the sheer amount of busyness here creates competing focal points, which can be altogether overwhelming.

But it’s the consistency of themes that make this a surprisingly appealing space to me. While animal prints and textiles are abundant, they remain neutral in tone.

The various abstract shapes could easily dominate the space, but instead they are all fairly understated, wooden pieces.

There is enough in this room for it to evoke character, warmth and style all in one.

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Often we see polished concrete in a chosen finish and shade, used across a vast surface area such as a floor or wall.

This kitchen, bravely, shows lavish use of the material – from the dark and smooth charcoal finish of the back wall, to the heavily textured finish of the units – and even features matching steel screws.

Despite the risk of ‘stark-industrial’ overwhelming this look, the few hints of wood here stand out even more to pull some warmth into it all.

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Sugar, spice and all things nice – this space is again another surprising one to catch my eye.

With a minimal palette of white, peach and soft amber wood, it could quite easily become a sickly sweet combination that belongs nowhere beyond a little girl’s bedroom.

However even with the ostentatious lighting and pendant features, there is something very fresh, spring-like and inviting about this space to me.

I can picture an equally inviting spring garden with neatly clipped hedges right outside the window.

7. a4643710e1f15a34bfe7c3902db67e87

I love the mix of eras reflected in this space, from the Art Deco-style chandelier, to the ornate, intricate ceiling detail – perhaps reminiscent of the ostentatious Baroque period.

The rich sapphire velvet sofa breaks up all the greys, while, surprisingly, the mix of copper and chrome both play their complimentary parts.

Imagery courtesy of Lonny / Erika Brechtel / Pinterest / Sukio / Simple Lovely / Tempo da Delicadeza / Love Is Speed

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