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7 beautiful rooms

1. Rebecca Judd

I could get lost in a world of inspiration, gazing at images of beautiful rooms all day. Imagining either that I was there, or that I designed them, or simply, being wowed by what I see.

A composition I would never conjure up myself, one that results in a strikingly beautiful and perhaps unconventional space. One that excites and inspires me.

Here’s my selection of another 7 beautiful rooms to gaze dreamily at…


Sugary pink and vivid blue (above) are not a combination I would usually visualise together in forming a beautiful space. But the balance and consistent themes draw me to this living room.

The obscure yet beautifully tonal zebra print on the wall pairs well with the zebra print rug. A combination that, surprisingly, does not look completely over the top.

The soft pink almost becomes a neutral nude shade against the vivid blue, both warming the space and toning it down. Differing shades of these are continued in the zingy flowers and soft blue accessories that pull the whole look together.

2. all things

A black wall is rarely going to be an easy one to pull off in the home; it can very easily be a ‘make or break’ look. Here, it’s bold, modern and balanced.

With an otherwise paired down interior canvas of white stone floors, crisp white walls and a handful of honeyed wood pieces, it becomes a compatible focal point and far from a display of dingy darkness.

Just be sure it’s home in a room abundant in natural light.

3. shelter interior design.

This room (or corner), reminds me of the balmy evenings I spent in Morocco.

The vivid, summery colours and prints bring an uplifting energy to the space.

Soft and gorgeously warming coral is paired with vivid, peacock blue in a contrast that as both electric and beautiful.

Despite the fact that I’m really not a movie buff, this incredible cinema space would transform me into one.

Rich, opulent and plush, the room is abundant in soft velvet.

The gunmetal grey is understated and doesn’t detract from the function of the space. Recessed lighting enhances the ambience of the cinematic experience.


This space to me is about as inviting as it gets. A soft palette allows the elegant art deco inspired décor to be a focal point.

The buttery velvet textiles balance comfort and luxury well, while the gleams of bronze and plum hues bring an all round elegance to the room. Gorgeous.

6. dorchester-spa

This space at the Dorchester Spa could be considered dated and a blue overdose, but it works and looks super opulent.

The walls comprise sheer curtaining with recessed lighting and the bevelled, mirrored accessories ramp up the glam factor.

Curves are a consistent feature that soften the richness of it all – from the luxurious curved sofas to the bulb-like flowers and the figures in the artwork.

7.architectural digest

Perhaps it’s the floor to ceiling glass windows allowing the sunshine to stream into this bathroom that enhances its appeal, but the space is certainly beautiful itself.

Essentially two rooms, one bath area encased in clean, luxurious marble and the other, an assumed shower area with rich walnut cabineting.

I love the slab-style bath that combines classic material with modern shape, and the metallic details throughout.

The abundance of mirrors only enhance the lightness of the space, creating a haven I could spend hours in… given the opportunity.

Imagery courtesy of Rebecca Judd / All Things Stylish / Shelter Interior Design / Angel’s Style / Jonathan Adler / Fox Linton / Architectural Digest

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